The Northwest Angle offers a lot to the Non-Fisherman

Just a short walk away is a beautiful 9 hole golf course with sand greens and a view of the lake. It is a challenging way to spend an afternoon. Just across the road from the golf course is a convenience store. Next to the clubhouse is the most northerly post office in the contiguous United States.

Great nature walks are only a short drive or boat ride away. The area boasts great berry picking, from wild strawberries in June, to delicious wild blueberries and raspberries in July and August. Later in the season there are high bush cranberries to be found. Often you will see white tailed deer, and the occasional black bear. In the fall, you can sometimes hear the eerie howls of timberwolves in the distance.

The historical significance of the area is remarkable. Fort St. Charles was built by LaVerendrye in 1732 as a trading post along the voyageurs route to the northwest. To get to the Dawson Trail trailhead, traders paddled past our present day location. Near the Dawson Trail, by the border between Minnesota, Ontario, and Manitoba, was a community called Nor’west Angle. Seven hundred people lived there in anticipation of being on the most important trading route in the country. The cemetery is still there, amid the tall grasses and shrubs. Father Aulneau and a contigent were attacked at Massacre Island. There are also places on the lake where you can see ancient native petroglyphs and survey markers from David Thompson’s original lake survey. All sites are accessible by boat or with Captains Paul or Big Mike on a guided tour in their boat. We will provide customized tours, depending on your interests.

Summertime day trips from Jake’s include:

Zoo, shopping, casinos, excellent ethnic restaurants, Upper and Lower Fort Garry Historic Sites, theatre, symphony, museums, Royal Canadian Mint, golf.
Lund boat factory, Mennonite Heritage Museum, golf.
Falcon Lake,
Horse riding stables, one of the most beautiful golf courses you will ever see.
9th best golf course in the state, Marvin Windows.
Polaris snowmobile and watercraft factory.
Souvenirs, restaurants, shopping, casino, excellent museum, great golf

You can see spectacular displays of the northern lights in the summer, and there are great meteor showers in August.